Amanda Strawderman

Environmental Justice Manager

Amanda’s roots are set in the Appalachian Mountains through her heritage and love of the land and people. Her upbringing in a blue-collar family taught her the value of community and service. She became involved in environmental advocacy when she learned how the destructive process of mountaintop removal coal mining was threatening mountain communities and ecosystems. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Geography (GIS and Environmental Studies) at James Madison University and later completed a Masters degree in Sustainability at Lenoir-Rhyne University Asheville.

Before joining CleanAIRE NC, Amanda developed a passion for Environmental Justice through working with impacted communities facing threats to drinking water from various polluting industries. Her commitment to fight against harmful industry practices and the unfair burden of pollution on low-income and BIPOC families and individuals continues in her role as CleanAIRE’s EJ Manager.

Amanda’s interests include learning about regenerative agriculture, natural history, culture and ways of knowing. In her free time you can usually find her hiking, fishing, and camping in the Appalachians, or at home hanging out with her sons.