Eric Klos



Eric is the Founder, CEO, and Innovator of DailyBREATH, an environmental health intelligence and wellness cloud-based platform for self-empowered and personalized asthma management and control. The DailyBREATH app is available in the App Store or via Google Play.

Eric is a seasoned executive with broad health IT expertise and relevant entrepreneurial skills. Recognizing that environmental factors have been long neglected by the medical community when it comes to personalized health, he began to envision a platform that would provide environmental insights for better health outcomes. Because the causal effect of the weather and the environment on asthma was most readily apparent, as well as asthma attacks a significant burden on patients and the healthcare system, DailyBREATH targets asthma sufferers.

He has quickly become a thought leader in understanding the impact of weather and environmental exposures on respiratory patients. His vision to bring personalized environmental insights for healthier breathing to help asthma sufferers become weather informed, location-aware, and health prepared is aimed at transforming the distributed public health model for tracking exposures generally into a personalized asthma warning system based on each patient’s individual susceptibility to exposures.