H. Kim Lyerly

Duke University


Dr. H. Kim Lyerly is the George Barth Geller Professor of Cancer Research, Professor of Surgery, Professor of Immunology, and Associate Professor of Pathology at Duke University in North Carolina. He was appointed in 2008 by President George Bush to serve on the National Cancer Advisory Board, which oversees the National Cancer Institute. He served on the Global Health Sub-Committee of the National Cancer Advisory Board. He was named to the National Institute of Health Council of Councils, and the Board of the National Institute of Health Office of AIDS Research. He has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and the Burroughs Wellcome Foundation. Dr. Lyerly is a highly sought after consultant and advisor and has served on the Cancer Centers external advisory boards for MD Anderson, University of Michigan, University of Chicago, University of Alabama, University of Arizona, Boston University, and Purdue. He has served as an advisor to the University of Washington, and Case Western Reserve Clinical and Translational Science Institutes.

Dr. Lyerly is an internationally recognized expert in cancer therapy and immunotherapy and has published over 300 scientific articles and book chapters, and has edited 10 textbooks on surgery, cancer immunotherapy, and novel cancer therapies. He serves the editorial board of 12 scientific journals.

Dr. Lyerly developed a program in Health and the Environment and continues this work in directing the Environmental Scholars program, in which health effects of the environment, particularly in North Carolina are studied.