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Pulling Back the Curtain

Who's Charting Our Energy Future?

How does North Carolina incentivize clean energy production and infrastructure? What are the rules governing household electricity rates? How are we helping families adopt rooftop solar and electric vehicles, and what more could we be doing?

Join Us for a Six-Part Webinar Series

Learn in plain language how the current regulatory system works, and how advocates like you can get involved to move North Carolina toward a clean energy future.


Nancy LaPlaca has been involved in public policy for almost 40 years, working as staff to two congresspersons, the Arizona State Senate and Arizona Supreme Court, law clerk at the Arizona Court of Appeals, and Policy Advisor to Arizona Public Utilities Commissioner Paul Newman from 2009-2013. Nancy’s journey started in 2006, challenging a permit for a so-called “clean” coal plant. Over the past 15 years, her work has included pushing back against fracking, pipelines, carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) and other fossil fuel infrastructure. Nancy has been involved in dozens of public utility dockets in Arizona, Colorado, and North Carolina, and served as an expert witness on solar issues at the North Carolina Utilities Commission. Nancy developed and taught three courses on energy policy for Appalachian State University’s Sustainable Development program, and currently serves on the Boone Town Council. You can reach Nancy at [email protected] or via LinkedIn

Nancy LaPlaca

By understanding how the NC regulatory system works, we can positively affect policy outcomes and accelerate North Carolina’s transition to a clean energy economy.

“Even a few citizens acting in the common interest can bring about startling change.”
~ Bill McKibben, Founder, 350.0rg

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Session 1

Utilities in the US: The Big Picture

Session 2

The Regulatory Process in NC

Session 3

Energy Justice: Why it's taking so long?

Session 4

Communities on the Frontlines

Session 5

Power Generation: Cost vs Benefit

Session 6

Building a Clean Energy Future