Huge Win! Charlotte to Convert Entire Bus Fleet From Diesel to Electric

When the city of Charlotte released its Strategic Energy Action Plan (SEAP) in 2018, one of its stated goals was to power 100% of the city’s vehicle fleets and buildings with zero-carbon sources by 2030. Ever since the publication of SEAP, Clean Air Carolina and our partners in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Climate Leaders have been working with city leaders to meet these goals and help Charlotte transition away from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy and energy efficiency. One of our top targets was the city’s fleet of over 300 diesel buses. Clean Air Carolina and our partners have met with City Council members, the City Manager, and other officials over the past 18 months, providing them with the latest research on electric buses and urging them not to invest in diesel-powered and natural gas-powered vehicles.

These efforts paid off in a huge way last month when the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) announced it will partner with Duke Energy to convert Charlotte’s entire fleet of over 300 buses from diesel to electric. This is a major win for the Charlotte community, and will go a long way towards helping the city of Charlotte meet its greenhouse gas emission goals. Clean Air Carolina is proud to have played a role in facilitating this clean air transition and tangible climate change solution.

To read more about this landmark agreement between CATS and Duke Energy, click here.

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