How We Do It

Everyone has the right to breathe clean, healthy air, and live their best life. But environmental change won’t happen unless we work for it every day. We can achieve our mission because people, solutions, and research drive us.


Driven by People

The impact climate change and air quality have on North Carolinians compel us to fight for a cleaner world because healthy environments lead to healthy people. And healthy people have greater opportunities to thrive. 


Driven by Solutions

We create environmental change by working with policymakers to help protect our planet, sponsoring programs that educate and engage North Carolinians, and fostering strategic partnerships that gain community support to join the movement. These solutions invite action, create impact, and achieve measurable progress throughout our state.


Driven by Research  

Community-based research is an opportunity to engage residents in gathering unbiased, measurable, and accurate information from which we base our work. Our data collection, reporting, and analysis build trust with communities and partners.

CleanAIRE NC Advocacy

We mobilize the voice of health professionals, grassroots activists, and community stakeholders to advance solutions to climate change and air pollution. Through litigation and advocacy, we hold polluters accountable and fight for all North Carolinians to have access to healthy air and clean, affordable energy and transportation. We also partner with environmental justice organizations to ensure that solutions do not disproportionately burden the communities who contribute the least to pollution and climate change.

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CleanAIRE NC Education

We equip people with the knowledge and tools to take action and chart a better future. We partner with schools, healthcare systems, and community organizations to provide education on the health impacts of climate change and air pollution, and on effective strategies to improve health in their communities.

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We can’t solve the problem if we don’t understand the problem. That’s why we partner with local communities to collect data on the health effects of climate change and air pollution, and focus our efforts on where help is needed the most. All across the state, scientists and change-makers can use the data we collect to influence policy and build healthier, more equitable communities.

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CleanAIRE NC Health

Responsible for preventing disease whenever they can, medical and health professionals play an essential role in protecting their patients from air pollution. As trusted sources who see the impact of air pollution and climate change on their patients’ health, we leverage their expertise and unify to improve our environment.

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No community should suffer more environmental burdens and subsequent health risks because of their race, class, or socioeconomic status. We’re advocating for strong environmental and health policies that limit the factors contributing to the disproportionate impact of air pollution and climate change exposure in impacted communities.

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CleanAIRE NC Partnerships

We collaborate with an extensive, diverse network of partners whose mission aligns with our own to implement our education, research, and advocacy work. Together, we are protecting the health of North Carolinians from the threat of climate change and air pollution.