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Through clean air advocacy, we organize and take action
for policy solutions that lead to better health for our communities.

A rapid and fair transition to clean energy is needed to ensure North Carolinians have clean air to breathe now, and a stable climate for the health and prosperity of future generations. We provide the training and tools to help our members engage in effective advocacy, hold polluters accountable no matter their size or clout, and push for stronger climate and clean air protections.

Clean Energy

Increasing the use of clean energy is one of the quickest ways to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions fueling climate change. Clean energy sources don’t pollute the air or harm human health. Therefore, we advocate for policies that advance an affordable transition to clean energy solutions such as solar, wind, and improved battery storage.

Clean Transportation

A boom in North Carolina’s population has resulted in jam-packed roads and increased air pollution. We work with local governments to make North Carolina less car-dependent. We also promote policy changes that support emission reduction. This includes promoting clean construction programs, pushing for incentives that encourage a shift towards low- or zero-emission vehicles, and expanding transportation options.

Air Quality Permits

The North Carolina Department of Air Quality (DAQ) has authority over the state’s Air Quality Permitting process, a highly technical review of major emission sources. We work with DAQ to ensure the permitting process protects human health and submit comments on permit applications where a project will disproportionately impact environmentally distressed communities. We also challenge DAQ when we believe their decision to issue a permit is unfounded.

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NC Climate Ambassadors

We are equipping community advocates with the knowledge, communications skills, and resources to speak and act confidently on climate change solutions. Our two-day training provides an opportunity for you to learn the latest about climate change impacts on North Carolina communities, solutions available right now that would decrease greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs, and how to communicate these issues to everyone from members of your book group to your state representatives.

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