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The CleanAIRE NC Community Science program engages
North Carolinians in the fight for cleaner air.

Volunteer AirKeepers in the program take measurements, track, and help interpret their local air quality using air monitoring devices. This allows us to better understand the air we share. All across the state, communities and scientists can use the data we collect to make a difference in the air we breathe.

Why Monitor Air?

Monitoring air quality through community science is crucial in understanding the level of pollutants present in the air we breathe daily.

Community-led air monitoring also encourages individuals to take proactive steps to mitigate pollution. Equipped with air quality data, communities can advocate for policies or changes that prioritize cleaner air, leading to better public health outcomes and a healthier environment for everyone.

How Monitors Work

Air sensors can be installed either outside or inside, depending on the monitor type, to measure a wide array of air pollutants. All monitors upload real-time data to their website that stores and visualizes the readings from each sensor. AirKeepers then receive monthly reports of their data from CleanAIRE NC which can be shared with community members, environmental organizations, or local authorities responsible for air quality management. Check out our available sensor types below!

Air Monitoring Advocacy

As part of our programming, community members are trained and educated about air quality, pollutants, monitoring equipment, and proper data collection techniques. This training ensures that participants understand the importance of community science and how air quality data captured from monitors can be used for advocacy.

View in real-time our network of PurpleAir monitors at work and find where you live.

PurpleAir Monitor Network

Air Monitors We Use


Measures particulate matter in PM 10 and PM 2.5.


Measures particulate matter, CO, NO, NO2 and O3.

Kaiterra Senseedge

Measure particulates, VOCs, CO2, temperature and humidity.

CleanAIRE NC Community Science Advisory Board

The Community Science Advisory Board is involved in strategic planning for the future of the citizen science program. Current Advisory Board members include technical experts on air monitoring technology, community science engagement, and GIS and mapping. We are especially interested in working with experts and community members throughout different regions of North Carolina. If you or someone you know would like to serve on our Advisory Board, please complete the form below or contact Community Science Manager, Daisha Wall, at [email protected].

Daisha Wall

Community Science Manager

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