CleanAIRE NC Welcomes Daisha Williams to the Team

Daisha Williams is an environmental advocate with a long-established interest in environmental equity, community involvement, and educating those around her about many environmental topics. In previous roles, Daisha was a Stormwater Specialist and Educator for a municipal stormwater partnership, a Legislative Assistant for an environmental council in Seattle, as well as Donor Communications Assistant for a non-profit with the focus of providing clean water to those in need. With all of these past positions having a heavy focus on engaging communities and working towards environmental justice solutions, she is looking forward to implementing her experience, skills and passions within her position as the Environmental Justice Manager for CleanAIRE NC.

She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Policy from Johns Hopkins University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Development from Appalachian State. She is also currently obtaining a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Sciences where she hopes she can use the skills learned to further reach communities and identify patterns of inequity. She originally was born and raised overseas due to having two active military parents but has lived in North Carolina since 2013.  In her free time Daisha enjoys biking, hiking, and any other outside activity she can do with her puppy Sage.

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