Resources for Voting

It’s election season! This year, there’s no wrong way to vote! And with so many options — in-person early, in-person on Election Day, or by mail — it’s more important than ever to have a plan. We’ve shared some resources below with information about voting this year to help you make your voting plan.

If you plan to vote in-person early:

Key Dates: Oct. 20 – Nov. 5

Find your county’s early voting locations here:

If you’re able, we recommend voting during the first week of early voting.

If you plan to vote in-person on Election Day:

Key Date: Tuesday, November 8

Polling locations are open from 6:30am-7:30pm.

You can look up your voter record to check your polling location and view your sample ballot here:

If you plan to vote by mail:

You can go online to request your absentee ballot by mail. If you plan to vote by mail, we strongly recommend you do so as soon as possible.

Once you’ve received your ballot, fill it out (don’t forget to sign your ballot, get two witness signatures) and return it as soon as possible. You can also drop it off in person to your county Board of Elections office.

If you have any questions about voting this year, call the non-partisan voter help line, 888-687-8683, or visit

Thanks for voting!

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