Your Voice Can Shape NC’s Energy Future

What we do over the next few weeks will determine North Carolina’s energy policy for the next several decades. The NC Utilities Commission will release its final Carbon Plan on December 30, and they’re still listening to public input! Will you join the call for NC’s clean energy future?

CleanAIRE NC’s Joel Porter, Kirsten Minor, and Andrew Whelan recently sat down to discuss the latest updates on the NC Carbon Plan, where things currently stand, and why we still have time to push for a Carbon Plan centered around clean energy and people, not fossil fuel profits:

CleanAIRE NC also submitted comments to the NC Utilities Commission late last month, urging the Commision to establish a strong Carbon Plan centered around clean energy, and reject the fossil fuel-friendly Plan proposed by Duke Energy. You can read our full comments to the Commission here.

NC’s energy future is at stake. Our policymakers have the power to make Duke Energy transition to clean energy sooner, so we can all live a little longer and keep costs down for ratepayers. But they’ll only do this if we hold their feet to the fire! Make your voice heard during this final push for a strong, equitable Carbon Plan centered around clean energy.