We Demand a Clean Energy Future for NC!

Sign the Petition for a clean energy future!

North Carolina is committed to a clean energy future, but Duke Energy’s current Carbon Plan prioritizes profits over people’s health and the environment.  Inaction means more air pollution and rising energy bills. 

We need the NC Utilities Commission to adopt a stronger Carbon Plan that:

  • Prioritizes health: Reduces carbon emissions to create cleaner, healthier air for all North Carolinians.
  • Empowers communities: Ensures a just transition to clean energy that benefits everyone, not just corporations.
  • Saves you money: Focuses on cost-effective solutions that keep your energy bills affordable.

Join CleanAIRE NC in demanding a better Carbon Plan for North Carolina. Add your name to our petition and tell the NC Utilities Commission to prioritize clean air, healthy communities, and a brighter energy future!

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North Carolina deserves a clean energy future! CleanAIRE NC is joining forces with communities across the state to advocate for a Carbon Plan that prioritizes people’s health over the interests of fossil fuel companies. We urge North Carolina to fulfill its responsibility of regulating utilities and not simply let them dictate the plan.

We’re making our voices heard at hearings, submitting public comments, and empowering communities to participate in this crucial process. We believe in collaboration and are committed to working with the state and all stakeholders to create the strongest possible Carbon Plan for North Carolina.

To learn more about the Carbon Plan, visit our resources page at: cleanairenc.org/nc-carbon-plan