“Everybody deserves to breathe healthy air.”

This simple belief has motivated June Blotnick’s life in public service, leading the fight for cleaner air in North Carolina. 

But after 17 years of leading CleanAIRE NC, June will step down from her Executive Director role this fall. We can’t let that happen without celebrating her incredible legacy first!

So over her final 17 weeks with CleanAIRE NC, we’ll be remembering one highlight or milestone from each of June’s 17 years here. It’s our way of saying thank you for everything she’s done to protect our air and climate health.

If you’d like to honor June for everything she’s accomplished, the best way to thank her is by making a gift that protects clean air and health equity in North Carolina. Make a gift and you’ll also receive a free CleanAIRE NC t-shirt!


Award-Winning Air Advocacy

In 2014 the EPA’s National Clean Diesel Campaign honored June Blotnick and CAC with the Visionary Champion Leadership Award, in recognition of our work to improve community health by reducing toxic emissions. Under June’s leadership, Clean Air Carolina had led the NC Clean Diesel program since 2015, focusing on promoting clean construction policies across the state.

Upon receiving the award at the annual Southeast Diesel Collaborative Meeting in Atlanta, June said described this ongoing effort as a true collaboration: “Clean Air Carolina works closely with universities, hospitals, local government, and construction companies, encouraging them to adopt clean construction practices to reduce air pollution and mitigate climate change.”


Building Local Support for National Climate Action

Just 9 weeks left before we say goodbye to June Blotnick as our leader! This week’s flashback comes from 2013, when June and CAC partnered with NC Conservation Network to co-host a Charlotte Citizen Hearing, giving local residents a platform to weigh in on the Obama Administration’s Climate Action Plan.


Taking CleanAIRE NC Statewide

Under June Blotnick’s leadership, CleanAIRE NC officially goes statewide in 2012 with the opening of a Chapel Hill office for our Medical Advisory Team. The Advisory Team soon changes its name to Medical Advocates for Healthy Air (MAHA), and begins offering formal clean air advocacy training for pediatric residents and engaging its members in clean air advocacy.


Launching the Ozone Garden Project

It can be easy to forget about a problem we can’t see. To address this challenge June and CAC partnered with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in 2011 to launch the Charlotte Ozone Garden Project, working with student volunteers to build bio-indicator gardens at four Charlotte schools. With help from a 2010 Ally Bank grant, these gardens featured ozone-sensitive plants that produce distinctive patterns in the presence of ground-level ozone, giving students a hands-on demonstration of the dangers of invisible air pollution to human (and plant!) health.


Ramping Up Our Climate Response

As the links between air pollution and climate become more and more apparent, June decides to ramp up CAC’s action on climate change. She organizes a roundtable discussion on the challenges posed by the rapidly warming Arctic and our opportunities to respond, moderated by the Norwegian Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Wegger Christian Strømen.


Our First Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Rally

Several years of organizing opposition against the Cliffside coal plant culminates when June organizes a non-violent civil disobedience rally in 2009. Over 350 concerned residents (43 of whom are arrested) come together to deliver “A Call to Conscience” message to Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers.


Building Partnerships for Community Action

For June and CCAC, 2008 was a year focused on expanding our impact through our partnerships. We developed a new Medical Office Air Awareness Project with Mecklenburg County Air Quality, distributing air quality resource packets to local asthma and allergy clinics. And we kicked off our Air Quality Flag campaign at Charlotte-area schools to help students take an active role in understanding daily local air quality.


June Pushes CCAC to Branch Out into Climate Action

Inspired by the 2006 film An Inconveniet Truth, June pushed Carolinas Clean Air Coaltion to branch out into climate action, recognizing the close connection between air quality and the growing climate crisis. With our partner NC WARN, June organized public forums in Charlotte and Chapel Hill on the urgency of phasing out fossil fuels, inviting NASA climatologist Dr. James Hansen to be the featured speaker.


Making School Buses Safer for Charlotte's Children

In 2006 June and Carolinas Clean Air Coalition partnered with Clean Air Task Force and Southern Alliance for Clean Energy to measure how the diesel exhaust from Charlotte Mecklenburg school buses affects the air quality inside the buses, and the health impacts on the children riding them. The partners publish the report “A Case for the Healthy School Bus” as part of our successful campaign to retrofit school buses and reduce diesel pollution.


June Blotnick Named First Executive Director of Carolinas Clean Air Coalition

In 2005 Carolinas Clean Air Coalition (as we were then called) was just a small group of Charlotte-area volunteers. That November the organization hired longtime environmental advocate June Blotnick to be both our first Executive Director and our first paid staff member. June accelerated a Clear The Air For Kids campaign to reduce engine idling by buses and cars on school campuses and improve children’s health.