Let’s Talk Climate, Health, & Equity at NC BREATHE

by Kirsten Minor

2022 is shaping up to be a very pivotal year for the environment. As the world experiences more extreme weather events, the impact of climate change cannot be ignored. 

Economically,  record-breaking gas prices are adding urgency to discussions about shifting away from fossil-fueled vehicles and towards clean transportation. Meanwhile, state governments are declaring a commitment to prioritize public health and health equity in their responses to the climate crisis, including North Carolina’s recent  Executive Order 246.

If you are among the increasing majority of Americans that are concerned about climate change and are looking for ways to make a positive impact in your community and beyond, then look no further! Our upcoming NC BREATHE Conference will bring together a diverse group of North Carolina stakeholders to examine how the climate crisis impacts health and equity in our state, and to consider how we can work together to build solutions. We invite you to join us on April 7th,  either virtually or in-person at Catawba College in Salisbury, NC.

Conference Preview

NC BREATHE 2022 will feature a youth art presentation, student research poster presentations, and distinguished speakers and panelists from the fields of health, science, policy, and community advocacy. Richard Moore and Sacoby Wilson, both nationally recognized environmental justice leaders with decades of experience advocating for policies that promote health equity, are the two Keynote Speakers for the conference. 

The conference will also feature four discussion panels that each address different issues, perspectives, and solutions at the intersection of health, equity, and climate change. All sessions will consider the importance of climate equity and how communities can make an impact.

Panel: Voices From The Frontline

Hear from community leaders who are working on the frontline to address the impacts of climate change in their community and beyond.


Panel: Maps & Apps for Health & Equity

New climate solutions are constantly being innovated. Learn about the cutting-edge tools available to you to collect environmental health data and advance health and equity.


Panel: Climate, Health, & Equity

Researchers across the Carolinas are building community partnerships to develop climate resilience across the region. Join this discussion to meet the researchers working together in this multi-institutional effort.


Panel: NC Youth Voices For Climate Solutions

Hear from the next generation of climate leaders as they discuss the evolution of their strategies and their experiences working with their communities.


To solve the climate crisis, we need everyone to be part of the conversation. Register today to reserve your spot, and help us craft climate solutions that put health and equity first.

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