Meet Our 2022 Interns!

by Devon Block-Funkhouser, Mariam Mahgoub, and Bailey Scarlett

CleanAIRE NC is excited to welcome our 2022 summer interns! Devon Block-Funkhouser, Mariam Mahgoub, and Bailey Scarlett will be working with our Health, Environmental Justice, and Citizen Science programs all summer long.

Get to know our 2022 interns:

Devon Block-Funkhouser

I am a Master of Environmental Management student at Duke University, concentrating in Environmental Economics and Policy. At Duke I’m currently a member of the Graduate and Professional Student Government Climate Crisis Committee and a board member for the Environmental Communication, Outreach, and Education club. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University, where I conducted field research and wrote a thesis on the behavior and tree usage of an endangered lemur species.

This summer I’ll be combining my passion for the environment with my desire to make positive social impacts as CleanAIRE NC’s Environmental Health Associate. I’m looking forward to contributing my research and science communication skills to the Environmental Health Team, exploring the impacts of air pollution on COVID-19 severity, and studying the connection between climate change and mental health. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with and learn from a team of people who are passionate about pursuing a healthy environment for everyone.

I previously worked as a project manager for a community-focused organization focused on hunger alleviation, and as an associate producer for a social impact documentary company. In my free time, I enjoy trail running, hiking, and spending time with my dog.

Mariam Mahgoub

After earning my bachelor’s in Political Science from American University (minoring in Public Health), I joined Teach for America to work towards closing the gap in education inequity. As a North Carolina high school educator for three years, I was able to learn a lot about my school and its surrounding community. The school contained several infrastructural hazards that exposed staff and students to harmful particulate matter, threatening to trigger the development of chronic illnesses. Meanwhile food deserts, high crime rates, and limited access to greenspaces were prevalent across the surrounding communities.

Seeing a different world only a 10-minute drive from the school ignited my passion for environmental justice. I decided to pursue my Master of Public Health degree at George Washington University, with a concentration in environmental health. As I reach the end of my program, I am working with CleanAIRE NC this summer for my practicum. As an Environmental Justice Associate, I’ll conduct a health promotion program that educates the public on how to set up PM 2.5 sensors, and studies how PM 2.5 exposure affects the development of noncommunicable diseases.

I am looking forward to working with CleanAIRE NC, and am excited to gain field experience to aid my growth as an environmental health professional.

Bailey Scarlett

I am a rising sophomore at Davidson College Majoring in Environmental Studies on the Natural Sciences track and minoring in English. Growing up around Raleigh’s excellent public parks system gave me an awareness of and appreciation for clean and healthy outdoor spaces. Throughout high school I also had the opportunity to gain experience relating to the nonprofit sector, environmental justice, and civic engagement. The Environmental Studies program at Davidson was an amazing way to pull these passions together with my academic interest in the natural sciences. I love the interdisciplinary approach that the department is known for, emphasizing a well-rounded skill set and experiential learning. I have been exposed to more topics in environmental policy, justice, and activism that eventually has led me to the Sustainability Scholars.

In my remaining years at Davidson, I look forward to increasing my knowledge and involvement in sustainability projects, including academic research in the environmental and natural sciences.

I am thrilled to be working for CleanAIRE NC as a Citizen Science Associate with Denise Bruce this summer. This is a great opportunity for me to learn more about environmental advocacy and action from an organization that does amazing work all over the state.

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