Shaping NC’s Energy Future: Public Hearings on the Carbon Plan Start April 9th

PRESS RELEASE: Shaping NC’s Energy Future: Public Hearings on the Carbon Plan Start April 9th

The North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) is inviting residents across the state to participate in public hearings and submit feedback on the Carbon Plan, a comprehensive strategy to achieve a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. To support community engagement in this process, CleanAIRE NC and the Center for American Progress will host a public webinar on March 13th.

“The Carbon Plan is a pivotal moment for North Carolina,” said Jeffrey Robbins, Executive Director of CleanAIRE NC. “It will determine how we transition to clean energy, address climate change, and ensure a just and equitable future for all communities.”


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The NCUC is holding public hearings across the state, starting April 9th, to provide a platform for people to share their goals, priorities, and concerns regarding the Carbon Plan. In-person hearings are scheduled in Asheville on April 9th, in Charlotte on April 10th, in Wilmington on April 29th, and in Durham on April 30th. A virtual public hearing has also been scheduled for April 23rd. 

A public comment period, during which North Carolinians can submit written comments, will be open through the end of the year, though comments submitted by the end of July are more likely to be considered. 

“The Carbon Plan will impact every North Carolina community, so we need to ensure it represents community voices,” said Brittany Griffin, Advocacy Manager for CleanAIRE NC. “By actively participating in public hearings, community members can help shape the future of our state—one that prioritizes clean energy and environmental justice.”

On March 13th, CleanAIRE NC will host a webinar ahead of the public hearings to provide guidance on how community members can actively participate in shaping the Carbon Plan. This webinar will equip participants with valuable knowledge, tips, and resources on how to effectively engage during public hearings and submit compelling written comments.

“Our webinar provides a unique opportunity for community members to gain a deeper understanding of the policymaking process,” said Bonita Green, Executive Director of the Merrick-Moore Community Development Corporation and one of the webinar’s presenters. “By learning how to get involved, they can make a significant impact in creating a Carbon Plan that aligns with their goals and concerns.”

Registration for the March 13th webinar is available at

House Bill 951, passed by the General Assembly in 2021, requires the NCUC to review and renew the Carbon Plan every two years, updating it to reflect changes in available technologies and energy sources. The NCUC issued the state’s first Carbon Plan in December 2022. The updated Carbon Plan is set to be released before the end of 2024.

HB 951 also set specific targets the Carbon Plan must achieve. These include reducing North Carolina’s electric power sector greenhouse gas emissions by 70% below 2005 levels by 2030, and attaining complete carbon neutrality by 2050. Meeting these targets will require curtailing the use of fossil fuels for power generation, improving energy storage and efficiency in our electric grid, and ramping up clean, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.


CleanAIRE NC is a statewide nonprofit organization advocating for the health of all North Carolinians by pursuing equitable and collaborative solutions that address climate change and air pollution.