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  Every May, The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) acknowledges Air Quality Awareness Week (AQAW). The goal of this week is to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our air & educating people on how to eliminate harmful factors in our atmosphere. To celebrate, we want to provide background information on this week’s...
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 A reality for many BIPOC communities in Charlotte is rooted in a long history of redlining and segregation. Highways, rock quarries, and industrial facilities have divided neighborhoods and led to disparities across generations. CleanAIRE NC is making a difference for these communities, particularly the Historic West End Green District. Take a look at our...
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The CDC’s National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program is hosting the eighth annual Tracking Awareness Week from Monday, July 17 to Friday, July 21. This year’s theme is “Data for Action.”  What Is Tracking Awareness Week? National Tracking Awareness Week is dedicated to bringing national attention to environmental health issues by connecting a network of...
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